Cultural Mediation of National History and Identity
a session at
 Crossroads in Cultural Studies
Second International Conference in Tampere, Finland
28th June - 1st July 1998

Session description: Nations are political constructions that are created and maintained within specific socio-historical circumstances. Our understanding of national identities are similarly developed and maintained. This sense of national identity, of history and possible futures, is communicated by cultural and institutional forces and integrated, individually and collectively, into our sense of a common shared nationhood. Papers included in this session will explore the content of national identities and political cultures, and the processes by which those identities are communicated and contended.

Organizers: Allan Rachlin (Bradford College, USA), Andrey Deriabin (Novosibirsk State University, Russia)


Allan Rachlin (Bradford College, USA), 'Getting Past' Vietnam:  The Rhetoric of the Gulf War as Regeneration

Andrey Deriabin (Novosibirsk State University, Russia), 'Russian Project': Constructing National History and Identity Mirjana Maleska (Institute for Sociological and Political Research, Skopje, Macedonia), Cultural Mediation of National History: The Macedonian Case Johanna Valenius (University of Turku, Finland), As Told by the Maiden: The Defining and Construction of Finnish Identity Through National Symbols Mike Crang (University of Durham, UK), Nationalising Regional and Folk Culture: the Homeland Movement in Dalarna, Sweden
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